🥇🥉 Gold and bronze medal for our Synchro Beginners – Trophée Anne Fontaine 2024 (BE) 🎉

Last Sunday, 09.06.2024, our Synchro Beginners group participated in the Trophée Anne Fontaine 2024, which was held in Schaerbeek (🇧🇪).

Their participation was crowned with success! Charlie Mutterer (with a total of 48,704 points) and Alice Riva (with a total of 53,503 points) brought home the bronze 🥉 and gold 🥇medal in the figure event (all age groups combined). The team of 8 swimmers managed to score a total of 40,026 points in the individual figures event 👏🏼.

In the team routine event, the team missed the podium by only 0,231 points!!
We congratulate all swimmers on the amazing results and would like to thank the team of BRASS for the organization of this amazing competition 🇧🇪👏🏼.

🎥 https://drive.google.com/…/19zbFlFmqcsiX8VgKFdZ…/view…

The Synchro coaches are immensely proud of their team and are already looking forward to the next challenge. The beginners team is now preparing for the last competition of this season, which will take place on the 6th of July 2024 at the Festival de l’Avenir in Obercorn 🇱🇺.

Also, Swimming Luxembourg is proud to announce, that from now on: we have a brand-new SL branded van with which all of our groups can easily drive to competitions 🚘. We are off to new challenges!!