Synchro Cup

💥SL Synchro Cup 2024 Program 💥

Today we share with you the competition program! We will be starting off the weekend on Friday, 17.05.2024 with the Youth Figures event. 📆

We invite everyone to come to the pool of Campus Geesseknäppchen during the weekend (17.05-20.05.2024) and enjoy the artistry of artistic swimming in a unique atmosphere!

Always a highlight for our spectators are the Youth Team Routine (Sunday at 15h45) as well as the Juniors Free Team (Monday 13h45) event


So for those of you who might not know us already, or for those who want to reminisce:

The SL Synchro Cup is an international competition of artistic swimming, formerly referred to as synchronized swimming. The SL Synchro Cup, which is being organized yearly in the heart of Luxembourg, debuted in 1991. Since then, Swimming Luxembourg welcomed over 20 different nations, 100 different clubs and far over 15.000 swimmers and spectators.

SL Syncho Cup is proud to welcome not only athletes of the categories 12&under, Youth (13-15 years old) and Juniors (16-19 years old), but also Beginners as they are our youngest swimmers that have never competed before. Offering this wide range of age categories to compete during one competition, SL Synchro Cup is often being referred to as an event that has a unique family-like-atmosphere.

The artistic swimming cup, organized by Swimming Luxembourg, does not only offer a wide range of age categories but also has a variety of competition events to compete in, namely:

  • Figures (m/f, for age categories: Beginners, 12&under and Youth)
  • Free Solo (m/f, for age categories: 12&under, Youth and Juniors)
  • Free Duet (for age categories: 12&under, Youth and Juniors)
  • Free Mixed Duet (for age categories: 12&under, Youth)
  • Free Team (for age categories: Beginners, 12&under, Youth and Juniors)
  • Technical Duet (for age category: Juniors)
  • Technical Team (for age category: Juniors)

If you are a swimmer, coach, judge, technical controller or simply enjoy the artistry of artistic swimming, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us. Simply write an email to Carmen Tholl-Biewer (, who the organizer of SL Synchro Cup since more than 20 years, and let us know with what information we may assist you.

Swimming Luxembourg is looking forward to welcoming numerus athletes, teams, officials, supporters and spectators here in Luxembourg to having a great time while enjoying the beauty of artistic swimming!

– Invitation & Competition Rules – SL Synchro Cup 2024
– Appendix I – Provisional Program SL Synchro Cup 2024
– Appendix II – Figures Beginners – 12&under – Youth SL Synchro Cup 2024
– Appendix III – Entry Form SL Synchro Cup 2024
– Appendix IV – Juniors Coach Card SL Synchro Cup 2024
– Appendix V – Registration Form Meals SL Synchro Cup 2024
– Appendix VI – Accommodation for SL Synchro Cup 2024


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